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Schneider Electric assists in the digital transformation of energy management. Companies, homes and infrastructures are able to use energy sustainably and efficiently thanks to the fusion between energy technologies and cutting-edge processes, cloud-connected devices, controls, software and services throughout the life cycle.

AGAD Barcelona is an official partner of Schneider Electric.

Partners oficiales AGAD

AGAD official partners. RS Isolsec

toroidal openable for indoor and outdoor service:

  • Diameter up to 690 mm
  • Only one secondary coil
  • All accuracy classes

The faster and selective modern protection installation often requires to change the TI characteristics (power, class, relation, number of secondary) to others that are suitable for the power of these new protections.

The best solution is to install the TI openable on isolated cables or in the outside of the single-phase surrounding of the SF6 cell.

This is an economical solution since it suppresses:

  • Disassembly and reassembly of the cables or SF6 cell operations
  • Reconditioning operations and dielectrics testing before commissioning the cables or the SF6 cell.

These current transformers are available for indoor use (CR) or outdoor use (CRE).

ITRON Inc. is the single international group exclusively dedicated to the electricity, gas, water and heat distribution meters. These skills allow ITRON to be a privileged partner of public and private supply providers of water, electricity and gas, whether they are public services enterprises or industrial organizations.

For fulfilling the requirements of our customers, ITRON offers a wide range of electricity meter system that includes all the markets segments: Industrial, transportation, commercial or residential. For this reasons AGAD BARCELONA has the honor of being an authorized dealer of its products.

Partners oficiales AGAD
Cuadros recarga vehículos eléctricos

Legrand supplies a comprehensive range of products for the residential, tertiary and industrial sectors. Its cohesive systems and solutions guarantee the optimal operation of all the elements connected to an electrical installation or to an IT network.

AGAD Barcelona is an official partner of Legrand.

Partners oficiales AGAD

Hager creates versatile solutions in electrical installations and in building automation. By combining the protection of the environment and innovative design, it brings the new technologies closer to interior designers, architectures and decoration lovers to create smart, efficient and customisable homes.

AGAD Barcelona is an official partner of Hager.