AGAD BARCELONA, S.A. is committed to providing a quality product and service aimed at complying with the requirements and demands of our customers, as well as with the legal and regulatory requirements that may apply and for this, establishes the following principles in terms of quality:

Address and respond effectively to the needs and expectations of our customers with the aim of increasing their satisfaction in the activities of manufacturing and assembly of low voltage electrical panels.

To continuously improve the effectiveness of the quality management system, directing our efforts not only to improve our image and position within the sector, but also to improve the functioning of our organization and its results. For this, our priority objective is the prevention of quality problems and therefore, anticipate at all times its possible detection by the client through rigorous internal controls in all our operational processes, ranging from the initial clear definition and complete of all the requirements of the product and service until its delivery complying with all its technical and quality requirements, as well as legal and applicable regulations.

Providing and maintaining the adequate technical and material resources in order to guarantee a good level of availability and permanent capacity in the face of any demand from our customers and comply at all times with their requirements and technical specifications of the product.

Have the staff with the right skills, seeking to continuously improve their professionalism and technical training and, in this way, respond effectively to the new challenges of the sector and its changing environment. For this, whenever it deems convenient, AGAD BARCELONA, S.A. plan and provide technical training and quality required to staff in order to constantly adapt to the new needs and demands of our customers and anticipate the possible technological changes that may occur in the sector in the future.

This Quality Policy is reviewed through the successive revisions by the Management for its continuous adaptation and communicated to all the personnel of the organization for its knowledge and application.