Company specialising in multifunction energy meters and metering devices

Contadores Multifunción y Equipos de Medida
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Public lighting control panels

Outdoor public lighting panels custom-designed to suit the installation’s requirements.

Ready to integrate remote management and energy-saving systems in accordance with the ITC-BT-09 Electrotechnical Regulation For Low Voltage.

Thanks to its innovative design, our Urban Biface model adapts to the current demands of these outdoor lighting enclosures.

Contadores Multifunción y Equipos de Medida
Contadores Multifunción y Equipos de Medida

Main and Individual Control and Protection panels

Panels designed to protect installations compliant with the RBT ITC-BT-17 and site-specific ITC (Spanish Low voltage installation regulations).

Building and assembly in metal and polyester enclosures or double-insulation boxes. Degrees of protection suited to the needs of each installation.

Customised panel configuration specific to installation requirements.

Materials by the main market manufacturers.

Contadores Multifunción y Equipos de Medida

LV/MV metering devices

Specialists in low- and medium-voltage power metering devices.
Decades of experience in the metering sector.
Management software, modems and communications.
Permanent stock of single-phase and triple-phase smart meters.

Contadores Multifunción y Equipos de Medida

Automation and smart building control panels

Panels designed for automatic or smart control of installations, machinery, industrial processes and smart buildings.
From the more basic contactor- and relay-based systems through to any technical requirement for installations, PLCs, variable frequency drives, inverters, KNX building automation…

Company Supplies

Power control and metering panels for electricity company supplies.

Design and assembly specifications according to company-specific standards provided for in article 14 of the RBT (Spanish Low Voltage Regulation).


Specialists in low- and medium-voltage transformers.

We supply current transformers, voltage transformers, protection transformers and power transformers.

We have an extensive stock to cover any emergency.


Electric panels for photovoltaic installations

The assembly of protection and distribution boards in alternating and direct current photovoltaic installations.
Customised solutions to suit client requirements.

Electric vehicle charging


Company specialising in the manufacture of electric vehicle charging panels.

Cuadros recarga vehículos eléctricos

AGAD Barcelona and AGAD Vic-Osona specialise in multifunction meters and metering equipment