Electric panels

AGAD manufactures electric panels for different sectors to stringent quality requirements, delivering optimal features and results:

  • Building (protection and metering assemblies for companies, centralised metering systems, provisional site assemblies…)
  • Industrial (distribution boards, control panels, public lighting, electrical substations…)
  • Tertiary (hotel and catering, banking institutions, supermarkets…)
  • Health (hospitals, clinics, primary healthcare centres)
  • Sports facilities
  • Renewable energies (photovoltaic plants, wind farms)
  • Railway
  • Leisure (shopping malls, bingos, amusement arcades)


Electric panels

In 1998, Joan Manel opened the AGAD VIC-OSONA branch so as to be closer to clients and to provide a more personal touch.

As part of its current Quality policy, AGAD prioritises increasing customer satisfaction and continuous improvement in order to adapt to the demands of an ever-changing market.

Cuadros eléctricos

In 2009, AGAD BARCELONA S.A. was awarded the ISO 9001 Quality Certification, which it has held to this day by successfully passing the regular audits.